Despite busy schedules, shows and production, we could see that Forward was meeting a little resistance on our journey. A recurrent theme we saw was the eye roll from people to have us play on a mostly DJ lineup, or even from soundguys who didn’t want the hassle of setting us up. This made us look into alternatives to just running around looking for shows. For this reason, we started Push, our home where we curate live acts that are cut from the same cloth as we are. While the world of live electronic music is alive and well, this tends to skew more in the direction of performances with people standing and watching as opposed to dancing. We love how vibrant the scene for live electronic music is at the moment, and this pushes technology and technique into the minds of audiences while also advancing the cause of electronic music as more than just “stuff made with computers” or even “fake music”. But the other end of this spectrum could include acts like Octave One or Simian Mobile Disco, who rock dance floors while playing the show live. Many big EDM acts do some live performance, but the shows tend to be sequenced ahead of time to accommodate visuals and large production elements. The spectacle can be an important facet of shows, for sure, and for us, this may occur at some point, but for now, we enjoy the freedom (and luxury) to play whatever we want whenever, and change it on the fly during a show.

There is room for many interpretations and styles of performance, and we are happy to offer one avenue that artists can use to show audiences their vision in a supportive environment. If you live in the Los Angeles area, come out to Push, our new monthly. The second Thursday of each month we feature 2 live dance acts and 2 DJs in a beautiful and comfortable little space with great sound, good drinks, and a community vibe.

Brian Markman